As an employee, federal law protects you from many types of discrimination, including sexual harassment, in the workplace and discrimination based upon race, sex, color, national origin, or religion. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects you from discrimination during most phases and stages of employment, including hiring, promotions, and when determining pay or wage rates. Other federal and state laws also protect workers and employees from discrimination based on age, membership in the Armed Forces, disability or due to pregnancy. If you are the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Many labor laws and employment statutes are complicated and you may need an experienced Atlanta employment lawyer to determine how to approach your specific case and situation.

Employment law encompasses other areas in addition to discrimination and sexual harassment claims. As an employee, wage and hour laws prohibit your employer from withholding your wages or paying you less than the minimum wage in certain circumstances. You may also have other claims against your employer based upon pay and overtime disputes. Contractual disputes also are common in the employment setting and you may need an employment lawyer to help you negotiate with your employer or advise you of your rights. If you feel that you are owed money from an employer or that you were treated unfairly, an Atlanta employment attorney may be able to help you.

In addition to whistleblower claims or discrimination claims, our office also represents employees who had a contract with their employer which the employer violates. Even if you voluntarily changed jobs or left your prior place of employment, you may need the assistance of an employment attorney. If you were offered an unfair severance package or were asked to sign an unreasonable or overly restrictive non-compete or non-disclosure agreement, we may be able to help you.

Employers are also prohibited from retaliating against you if you seek redress for violations of your rights, complain of sexual harassment, or discrimination, or if you “blow the whistle” on an employer. If you believe you were the victim of retaliation or have a whistle-blower claim, you may be entitled to compensation.
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This information included is not intended to serve as a substitute for consultation with an attorney. Specific legal issues, concerns and conditions always require the advice of appropriate legal professionals.

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