J. Steve Mixon is one of Georgia’s preeminent employment lawyers. Mr. Mixon practices exclusively in the area of employment law and commercial litigation as it relates to employee conflicts with their employer. In 2012 Mr. Mixon’s success for employees was recognized nationally as he was named a “Top 100 Trial Lawyer” by the “National Trial Lawyers”. In 2013 he was named a “Top lawyer in Georgia” by the Legal Network, and he has been awarded a perfect “10” on AVVO.com by his clients and colleges.

Mr. Mixon graduated Emory University in 1989, and from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1992. Upon graduation, Mr. Mixon began his legal career as a Staff Attorney in the U.S. Senate and then he was selected by Judge Deborah Benefield to be her law clerk before the Clayton County Superior Court. Prior to starting Mixon-Law, LLC Mr. Mixon represented municipal entities, as well as local and national companies in employment disputes.  Mr Mixon represents ordinary people, who have had their rights denied, have been harrased or suffered an illegal violation of their legal rights at the hands of their employee.  Mr. Mixon works on contingency, so he gets paid when YOU get paid.   He is a believer in fighting for the rights of his clients against big and small employers if they have suffered an illegal act of discrimination, retailation, harrassment and more.

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