“I was the victim of sexual harassment and race discrimination at my job. I called around to several attorneys to talk to them about what I was facing. Most of them would not listen to me or spend much time with me. Then I found Steve Mixon. Mr. Mixon spent a good bit of time with me on the phone. He asked me questions and really listened to me. He was easy to talk to and he really seemed to know the law well. He gave me good advice that made sense to me, and he explained to law to me in a way that was easy to understand. As we moved forward, he guided me through the EEOC process and told me what to expect. Once I received my right to sue letter from the EEOC, he drafted my lawsuit and filed my case, and I didn’t have to pay him up front for any of the expenses. All through the lawsuit, Mr. Mixon and his staff kept me well informed about what was happening. At one point, we went to court for a hearing. I was impressed that Mr. Mixon seemed to know all the judges, and lawyers at the courthouse. He even knew the lawyer who my employer hired, and when the two faced off, it was clear I had the better lawyer. In the end, I won and was awarded a very large amount of money. I think I deserved the money, but I don’t think I would have gotten near as much without Mr. Mixon’s help. Now my husband and I are going to start our own business and not have to work for anyone anymore. Not only did I receive monetary compensation but Mr. Mixon also got the investigation reopened with my employer to prevent any future racism and sexual harassment against other employees. I highly recommend Steve Mixon!!!!”