I fear I may lose my job. What should I do?

Be Prepared.

Covering Your Bases Legally

  • Gather your co-workers’ contact information, especially if they might be a witness.
  • Make copies of any documents within your personal access showing your work performance.
  • Collect all work related documents, such as paychecks and time sheets.
  • Make a list of all company documents which you do not have access to that may support your potential claim. NOTE: Do NOT take company documents which do not belong to you.
  • Gather contact information for a supervisor that will provide you a positive reference.
  • Keep written records of notable events that occur, particularly those that may support your claim.

What You Can Do At Work

  • Make yourself indispensable by identifying ways for your employer to reduce expenses or generate more income.
  • Volunteer to pick up the work of employees that have already been laid off or take on additional responsibilities where available.
  • Be prepared for what you will say if you are terminated. How you handle this is very important to your future and reputation.

How to Prepare Financially

  • Reassess your budget to determine where you are able to save money on expenses. Consider buying in bulk or high-interest savings accounts.
  • Try to pay down as much debt as possible.
  • Begin to actively search for other employment opportunities.