Know Your Options.

Covering Your Bases Legally

1. Meet with an attorney to review your termination or severance package. Many employees have claims of which they are unaware such as entitlement to overtime or back wages. Talk to our attorneys about the options available to you. Contact Our Employment Lawyers.

2. If you are offered a severance package, do NOT sign it without reading it first or preferably having an attorney review it. Be aware of whether you are waiving any rights or agreeing to a non-compete clause, for example. You and your attorney may be able to negotiate a better severance package.

3. File for unemployment benefits. Learn more about filing for unemployment benefits here: Georgia Department of Labor

4. Have a plan for health insurance. COBRA is a federal law that allows you to continue your health care coverage after you leave your job for up to 18 months. If your company provides COBRA, consider taking advantage of these rights. COBRA FAQ

5. If you have a 401(k), contact your savings plan administrator to discuss your options.

What You Can Do About Work

1. Be professional throughout the termination process to ensure that you do not ruin professional relationships.

2. Determine when you will receive your final paycheck and when your insurance benefits will end.

3. Inquire about a severance package.

4. Start/Continue your job search. Reach out to your network. Be prepared to discuss why you were laid off in interviews. Stay Positive!

How to Adjust Financially

Lower your bills. Consider negotiating lower rates with vendors and creditors, conserving energy, and eliminating non-essentials.